Monday, February 18, 2008

No school today!

There's no school today as we celebrate President's Day with sales at Kohls and Herbergers. What that has to do with presidents is a mystery but it's a good day to stay's 2 below and the wind gusted to 40 mph during the night. Amanda wrote on her blog about surviving February and that's exactly what it feels like. We've gotten spoiled with these wimpy winters the last few years and this is hard on us. I think we've lost the right to brag about our hardiness because there sure has been a lot of whining going on about the weather this year.

The worst part of the weather change is that Saturday and Sunday morning, it felt like that damp spring weather. The weather forecast on the Trib homepage showed high 20s all week and then all of a sudden the wind comes up and it's 2 degrees again. All those little sunny faces and double digit temps and now the thermometer with ice hanging from the end of it. Brutal visuals.

My feet are so tired of wool socks and shoes. I think I'll get a pedicure this week in preparation for sandals.

Regis started another blog but I hesitate to recommend it because he has a content warning. He does cuss some but so do I and I didn't realize a warning was necessary. Maybe it's a sign he intends to get worse so take your chances. Today his post is about his frustration with deli food here in the Midwest. He should start a deli university of meat cutting, cheese selection, and roll baking. He thinks our rolls (as he calls them...we call them buns) are loathsome.

I have a poolish on the stove this morning waiting to be made into bread. Regis got me two new bread cookbooks for Valentine's Day. This one: The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread is just a gorgeous book. I made a poolish baguette yesterday but I had to rush the rising and I don't think it turned out just right. I can't bake bread when I'm trying to make a meal because it's too many things happening and I have a short attention span. Regis wants me to read about all the chemical stuff related to bread baking but I really don't care about that. I have enjoyed reading about bread bakeries in Paris and the Summer Loaf Festival in Portland. Here's a cool website about bread, too, called The Fresh Loaf. It's addictive, so be careful.

I gave myself until 8 to sit here and futz around. I see it's about that time so I'm getting up and moving on with the day. Stay warm, Miles and Callum!


Jill said...

Teresa, I'd say you are a braggart about having the day off, but since you're my friend, I'll say what I believe: you deserve an extra day off now and then, if not oftener. I just saw a news story on tv saying hundreds of thousands of vacation hours aren't used by Americans,and this is PAID vacation. Man, if we had paid vacation as teachers, we'd use every minute!

Amanda said...

callum is already wise to this whole endless winter business. when i asked him earlier if he wanted to go to the grocery store, he laughed and said, "no, mommy! windy!" smart kid. so we stayed in and stayed warm:)