Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dysfunction Junction: Where's my gumption?

I think I'll blame my lack of gumption at home on being busy at work. I get a lot done there but come home and fold up like a card table. I shouldn't admit this but I've let the cleaning go lately. Those of you who know me, know I am capable. Of letting it go, that is. Like I used to tell my kids: You can write your name in the dust, just don't write the year.

Valentine's Day today so I put on every piece of shiny, sparkly, red bling that I own. It was more of a fashion statement than it was real fashion. It's too cold to care about fashion anyway. See the post on the fur-lined Elmer Fudd hat.

I made mushroom and scallop risotto for dinner last night. For a one-pot meal, it was complicated. I had to get everything ready because there is no sitting down to sip wine between acts and it took 90 minutes. It was very good but labor-intensive.

The cookies in the picture are not the cookies I made this year. They are the cookies I made last year but if you don't read carefully and just look at the pictures, you will think, "Oh, Teresa is at it again with the cookies". I did make some but haven't frosted them yet so it's not a complete fabrication. If I don't get to it soon, I'll just put shamrocks on them. You gotta roll with it, folks.

The temperature is supposed to be very cold again tomorrow as you can see. It's mid-February and we're having this weather fit for polar bears. What the (you know the expletive). This is what it should lbe like here tomorrow....bright blue sky and cold as hell.

I'm going to a meeting at 6:30 then we're going out for a Valentine's Day bite to eat. Most places will be busy so maybe we'll go to some unromantic place like Hermie's Bait & Grill. Nothing like Reuben Balls on Valentine's Day.

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Jill said...

I had no idea the cookies were from last year. You could have fooled us all. They look delicious, even after a day of eating store cookies and sugary candy.