Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doldrums of winter

It's a balmy 16 degrees this morning, it's almost March, and we're in the doldrums of winter. It's ugly outside: the snow is dirty, the sidewalks are icy, and the back yard looks like a dog poop bomb went off. You can't pick that stuff up in weather like this.

I hear the Pope warned against celebrating St. Patrick's Day on the 17th because it's during Holy Week. Regis read the real rules of the Catholic Church and they say it should be moved to the closest Saturday after Lent but that would be April 1st and who wants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in April? So I guess they got a dispensation to have it on the 15th. It isn't the beer they object to but the corned beef. Couldn't the Pope just declare that corned beef is a fish for that day?

This is a capybara. The capybara is a is a semi-aquatic rodent of South America. It weighs about a hundred pounds and is about 2 feet tall at the shoulder. Capybaras are gentle and will usually allow humans to pet and hand-feed them, like a giant guinea pig. During Lent capybara meat is especially popular as the Catholic Church, in a special dispensation, classified the animal as a fish in the 16th century. Give a yell for those Catholics and their winks and then go down to the river and try to net one of these babies. .

I read on Charlie's blog this morning about a Can of Whoop Ass. I laughed out loud...then had to do some research. Thank God for Google is all I have to say.

And, in case you aren't familiar with whoop ass yourself, you can find the directions for how to open one here, on e-how, in the section on resolving conflict in your relationships. You never know when this will come in handy. Hey, does that look like Condi Rice just below the can of whoop ass?

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