Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yesterday I felt like I was getting a cold or the flu or something all day. I took two naps in the afternoon and didn't do a thing until dinner time. We ordered sandwiches delivered so even that wasn't much.

This morning we got up early and made our weekly trip to HyVee for groceries. I think we're on the seventh week of menus and organized lists so it's working out well. Some nights I don't feel like making what I had planned but it's still better than not having a clue what to cook. Regis has been helpful with all parts of, cooking, and cleaning up.

We were home by 8 and started with our daily kitchen work. We wanted to try bagels so we got started with that, then baked potatoes for twice-baked potatoes, got the ribs ready for the roaster, and made whole wheat baguettes. Tiffany and Peter were here for dinner and we had a nice meal together. I sent Tiffany home with lots of left-overs, a computer monitor, cookies, and two jugs of St. Peter water. Peter took ribs and potatoes to his buddy's house in Mankato but wouldn't take any Valentine cookies because that would be weird.

I almost forgot the bologna story. Regis has had weird food cravings lately and today it was bologna. Not Oscar Meyer, but deli bologna. I didn't even know they had bologna in the deli. We ordered it then he shuffled off to the bathroom. The guy asked me how thick. I said I didn't care so he made it about 1/4 inch. Like the packaged bologna. Regis almost died. Apparently, in a deli, bologna is sliced paper thin. Who knew. He should stick around when there are important decisions to be made.

Now that everyone has gone home, we're ready for bed but it's only 6:40. The wind is howling and makes the screen door moan. The dog growls and barks everytime he hears that noise.

That's it. I don't care what time it is...I'm going to bed to read.


Amanda said...

i hope you did go to bed early to read! it is 8:30 and my child is still not in jammies and nowhere near interested in bed. i told matthew callum can just play by himself until he finally falls asleep on the floor; i give up. that's not bad parenting, is it? doesn't he know that 8:30 on a cold, wintery sunday night is late enough for all of us!?

Anonymous said...

I hope you went to bed early to read, too!
Miles hit the crib at 8pm sharp - wasn't so sure I'd make it that long myself, but obviously I did. Now it's time for bed!
Tell Peter we'll take the V-day cookies here in Owatonna if he wants to swing by.