Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday night and things that irritate me

1. Going to Patrick's for dinner and sitting back by the tree. A teacher couple that I know brought their two kids along with them for dinner and allowed them to rampage around the table in the back by the windows. Rampage, I tell you. Loud stomping and crashing into each other. We tried moving to a different table in the lounge area but they still annoyed us so we had to move to the other room. Good grief.
2. Regis eating these monster sourdough pretzels that sound like he's eating gravel with metal teeth. It can't be good for his enamel and it certainly isn't good for my nerve endings.
3. People at workshops who talk in loud voices while the speaker is talking. These people should get forty years of detention in hell.
4. People who are not dumb genetically but are dumb after being educated. There is no excuse.
5. Waking up in the middle of the night with that guy inside who drives the tricycle in tight circles on the threadbare green carpet. The closet of anxieties. Things that are not a big deal in the daylight loom large in the night.
6. Bad food like frozen pretend meatballs, Doritoes, bag cookies (except for Pepperidge Farms Milanos). I'm talking about fake Valentine cookies from WalMart and that meat that comes in bags that isn't really meat but meat product.
7. B.S. I just don't know how people can dish this out all day or sit and listen to it being dished out and keep a straight face without rolling their eyes. Maybe if they pay you a lot of money in the beginning and you think it won't be so bad if you do it for a little while but pretty soon it's years you've been dishing it out and you start to think it's true and real.

That's enough for today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
I can sympathize with you on #2. Whoever invented those damn monster sourdough pretzels should be joining the workshop talkers for a 40 year detention in hell.

Hey, it's almost Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

Jill said...

Annie is describing her own irritation with the pretzels when her father is chewing on them. It's like listening to a rock crusher.

I'm afraid what would happen if I'd make a list of things that irritate me. You limited yourself to only seven on this list. I'm impressed.