Friday, January 18, 2008

Uff's wicked cold

The temperature started out at 12 degrees this morning then dropped like a rock. When I came home from school it was 1 degree and the wind chill is hovering right about 23 below. It's ugly.

I did a pile of dishes. I don't know who comes in and messes up my house when I'm gone. Kramer has parties or something. Dogs who eat a lot of snacks and use wine glasses come in here during the day.

We're going on Week #2 of my menu planning campaign. So far, so good. No real problems. I ended up with one extra meal that I can make for breakfast or save until next week. I have the menu and the grocery list for next week ready so I can buy those groceries tonight. I know, I know...too much. I did give up on my maintaining a clean house campaign. That's really beyond my capabilities. Our house isn't dirty...but it's not tidy either. A friend of mine said today that everything should have a place. I said all my stuff does have a place...out where I can see it. Hey, we're all different.

I have friends who attribute their house cleaning knowledge to growing up with every Saturday spent in routine chores. I never spent a Saturday sweeping cobwebs; my mom took us to the library. So I grew up loving to read and appreciating the beauty of a good cobweb. Nothing wrong with that.

On to the weekend.

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