Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So you don't think I'm cranky all the time: things that soothe me

1. My dog curled up on the couch. How a twenty-pound dog can curl into such a tight circle that you can hardly tell where he starts and ends is amazing. He's always happy to see me and even if I just took the garbage down to the curb, he acts like I've been gone for months.
2. The smell of garlic and onions on my hands. I've resisted the urge to buy an electric food chopper. Can't remember the name right now. I know it would be a time saver but there's something about the smell of onions, garlic, and all those other things that take time to mince and chop that I love.
3. Candles. We had our furnace ducts cleaned about ten years ago and the guy wrote on the receipt, "Burns candles"! Holy shit. Like we committed a mortal sin. I love the flicker and the smell and the gentle light.
4. Red wine and chocolate. I just discovered the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with Intense Orange with slivers of almonds. Oh my. With a small glass of red wine, it's heaven.
5. A good story. I reread Kent Haruf's books over Christmas vacation. I want to email Robert Redford and tell him that The Tie that Binds would make a great movie. It would. I cry every time I read it. Same with Giants in the Earth.
6. The smell of dirt. This is not something I experience in January but in's heaven to get your hands right in there and scoop it up and breathe deeply. Tiny little bugs and spores and bits of earth go right up your nose and become part of you and who knows where they started out...maybe Russia. It connects you to everything that ever was and is and ever will be.

And that's enough for tonight.

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