Sunday, January 06, 2008

My reward

From and here's the description:
I was thinking of St. Patrick’s Day when I put these vintage and new components together to make this theatrically evocative charm bracelet: old mother of pearl, glass, bone and metal buttons, a green enamel heart (once a post earring), ornamented with rhinestones, stunning green vintage glass sew-on jewels, green glass shamrock beads, an assortment of Czech glass beads and a great stylized Victorian novelty button. The charms are crammed onto two rows of sturdy brass chain; the hardware is a mix of black-toned, copper, old brass and new gold finishes and the bracelet closes with a lobster clasp. Please note that some of the items are vintage and are re-purposed from their original existences; they show a little wear but you’d have to look hard to see it.
Looks like a great place to shop!

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Amanda said...

teresa, i somehow didn't even know you had this blog, so i'm glad you mentioned it in your xmas letter. i check in every day now! don't you love etsy? i spend way too much time admiring/coveting stuff on that site.