Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More on the pants

So Regis got a response from the green pants guy. He said he has a box of 96 Crayola crayons and when he wants to describe the color of something, he picks the color that's closest and that's the word he uses. And that's the color of Regis' pants right there in the second row. That must be green.

He paid fifteen dollars for them and is inclined to send them back but I think they will make great gag pants. Imagine stepping in the door at Reggie's apartment Saturday for the family birthday dinner in those green pants. Priceless. Or standing in front of Patrick's as the parade goes by on St. Patty's Day. Those are some great green pants.

My work day was frustrating and discouraging and made me wish they would strike oil in Stanley and I would become an oil baroness. Most of the time work is a drag and I only go there for the social interaction and the coffee. Well, that last part is a lie because the coffee is pretty bad. When we talk at work about becoming instantly rich, some people say they would continue to work. I would for about five minutes or just long enough to call the emergency telephone tree to gloat. This right here could be my oil well and my ticket to a life of leisure.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe your ticket to a life of leisure is selling green pants on Ebay? Hey...it's working for some "dude" out there. Why can't it work for you too?!