Friday, January 25, 2008

It's either my eyes or my brain

I've been sitting here in the half-dark, waiting for chicken wings to marinate and the bread to rise. I poured a glass of wine and got into comfortable clothes. Then I looked at my cell phone so I could call someone. Why did the names have little packs of cigarettes or dog houses next to them? Oh...I finally get it. Cell phone or home phone. Life is so complex.

I hope I didn't make a grammatical error there with marinate. As much as I can figure out right now, marinade is the noun, what you slop over the wings, and marinate is the verb. I don't want any critical comments so if you have any, keep them to yourself ha ha. My son, Peter, has gotten very formal in his speech and his speech preferences. He says bad grammar bothers him. Some of it bothers me, other stuff I don't give a shit about. I read an article once about all the mistakes people make in their oral and written speech, even very educated people, because mostly we use what we grew up with (sorry to end a sentence with a preposition).

I remember one of my linguistics professors saying that it doesn't pay to get too hung up on language things because it changes so fast. Then he would bend over and laugh hysterically. He was a very tall man and he had lived in China for a time so he had Chinese mannerisms such as bending over and covering his mouth to laugh. I've noticed (rapid and ragged segue) that quotation marks are going the way of the wagon wheel. Boy, you can't find many people that want to talk about this kind of thing. Good thing I didn't go to the bar after work tonight if I was going to talk about grammar.

The cooking plan for the weekend is chicken wings and bread tonight. Tomorrow we start the pierogies. At least we make the filling for the pierogies tomorrow. Alice made a meat and cabbage filling and we're going to try a traditional cheese and potato filling. The little pasta machine came yesterday and that will be great fun.

So, on to the weekend.

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Jill said...

I don't know whether to comment on grammar, punctuation, or pierogies. All are interesting, but for different reasons. I miss our conversations about the first two, and I'm interested to hear your pronouncements regarding the virtues of pierogies. Yum is what I'm thinking.

I had a series of courses in college about Spanish grammar. First an undergrad course, which was interesting and really helped for my future Spanish teaching. Then I had three graduate level courses in phonology, morphology, and syntax. Geeky as I was, I loved all three courses, but since I was still an undergrad,and one of only two undergrads in classes of no more than seven people, it was intimidating at times. We sat at a big table and listened and talked, completamente en espanol. Why did all of that language skill I once had vanish? I should be thinking about this in my head rather than yammering on and on on your blog, Teresa.