Saturday, January 05, 2008

The general malaise

I woke up at 4 this morning, made some coffee and sat in a chair in the living room until 8. That's a lot of time to squander. We went to Mankato for a while, I took a nap, but haven't done one constructive thing all day. Does this sound like a replay of my Christmas vacation? Right now, we're waiting for a pizza to be delivered while we watch Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park. I've had that awful song Delta Dawn going through my head all day and had to do something to wipe the slate clean. Really, tomorrow I'll do something.

At seven o'clock this morning, it was still black as night outside. At five o'clock this afternoon, it was dark as night again. This is not good for a person's mood. You can fight it with candles and Christmas tree lights and wine, but these are long and cold winter nights. Tiffany is leaving for Minneapolis after work tonight and I'm going to miss her. This could account for some of my dark mood, too, I guess.

If we win the lottery tonight, or if I become an oil baroness with the mineral rights to the land in Stanley, I'm going to remodel our house. My idea is to tear out the wall between the kitchen and the living room. I think it's called a great room although that might be a pretentious name for something in an 800 square foot rambler. Regis just wants a fireplace; one of those Ben Franklin stoves.

The pizza is here.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a classic case of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Moping is not good, girl. If tomorrow is sunny, get naked and run around the block. That will brighten everyone's day. Maybe even bring out Ed Lee from the Herald because he covers athletic events.

Cheer up, dammit!

Jill said...

Don't listen to him. He's been ill.