Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dark chocolate has the same anti-oxidants as blueberries

This is not scientific, of course, so if you're using my blog as a source for your research paper, I would stop right here. I'm just saying that in my personal wellness plan, dark chocolate counts. This is the creative guide to the food pyramid. Anchovies at the top and chocolate, cheeseburgers, red wine, and pizza at the bottom. Hey, ketchup can be a vegetable. Ronald Reagan said so.

It was a long and weird day. I woke up at 2:30 with a nightmare about bad guys coming to a farm house where I was carrying a baby. I peeked through the mini-blinds to see them cocking guns like Chuck Connors in The Rifleman. I had to take the baby to the attic to hide and we rode up on a varnished wooden slide that was actually a cool invention. It was a disturbing dream and I couldn't go back to sleep. When Regis got up, he said he had a dream that we lived in Chagrin Falls, Wisconsin. If there isn't a town in Wisconsin by that name, there should be.

I went to my internship class tonight. I was the oldest person there by years. There were a couple young pups from Iowa where I think you can get a principal's license before you reach puberty. I'm sure they think in Minnesota you can get one with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Actually, one guy was very nice and thoughtful. The other two men (no offense meant to the gender) traded softball coaching stories. Doh.

I tried to talk Larry, the district tech guy, into joining me in a class action lawsuit today. We would be a class of two. I can't remember what the lawsuit was about but it was probably stupid and not lawsuit worthy. But he said we'd have to hire a lawyer and the lawyer would get all the money, the women, and the house in Maui and we'd end up with thirty seven dollars. I guess I'll just hold out hope for my oil wells as Larry didn't think my experience garnered from Law and Order would be very valuable in a real court of law.

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Jill said...

When did Larry the Tech Guy get so cynical? Years ago when he first started with the district, assuming he's the same Larry the Tech Guy, he wasn't like that. Do you suppose working here can even push a Tech Guy to the edge? And why is he still here, unless he's getting paid big bucks for his Tech Guy job, the way those guys get paid in every other business in the world? Is he independently wealthy, do you suppose? Or, does he do his job because he loves it and it's his calling, like teachers? I haven't been on a ramble like this for a while. I've been reading your blog too much, I can tell. And I agree about velvet being a good alternative for thermal underwear, by the way.