Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Combat the cold with Finnegan's Irish Amber and pasta

It is too dang cold to be real. It's zero degrees...ZERO now and now going down to 15 BELOW ZERO tonight. Good grief is all I can say. I came home from work, followed shortly by Regis, and we just quietly got in the car and drove to Patrick's for beer, companionship, and pasta. Two friends from school were in the next pew, I mean booth, so we bought a few rounds, ate some pasta and wandered home. Time to turn on the electric blanket and go to bed.

You can't describe accurately the effect on a person's mood of a day that starts with light at 7:30 and ends with dark at 4:30. I know, I's better now than it was a month ago but 8 hours of daylight is ugly. Especially when you spend those daylight hours at work. It's enough to make a guy a little cranky. It must have made the early folks feel a little hopeless...when they hadn't experienced many winters...they must have thought it would never end, that it would always be cold and dark and summer would never come back. Now we know better, maybe just because of the calendars we buy at Barnes and Noble for 75% off because we're too cheap to buy them in December at full price.

I wore my boots at work all day today. Light blue leather plush lined boots with wool socks underneath. What the hell. They looked just fine under my velvet pants. One of our Spanish speaking students pointed and said, "Cool pretty boots!" Yes, and warm, too, I said. Garrison Keillor says we don't worry about fashion in the winter, we just worry about survival and I think it's true. I've given up foot fashion and the next step is hair fashion. Bring on the fur lined Elmer Fudd hat.

Of course, there is always Patrick's, Irish Amber, and pasta. That's survival.

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Jill said...

Teresa, you should publish this as a guest column in the Free Press. Better than's wonderful! The feel of the season is right there for the world to read.