Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday weather

We've had bits of snow all day, Miles. Nice fluffy flakes that require just a gentle sweep off the car. Joanne said it was not fun driving to LeSueur after school though...hard to see and the snow was that greasy kind that makes it slippery. We didn't get any ice or sleet.

I tried to stop at the grocery store after school but couldn't even get a parking place so I just drove on home. It must be senior citizen day or something. Maybe chickens are on sale. There isn't anything that would make me park a half block from the door and wait in a line like that. We have left-over soup in the refrigerator, a loaf of nice Italian bread, sharp cheddar cheese, and a nice box wine. Gourmet cooking, I'd say.

I bought two strings of snowflakes lights at Lowe's a few weeks ago and strung them across the front window. Now I see that five of the damn flakes aren't lit. Not the whole string but about half of one of them. Grrrr. Christmas lights are crap and the landfills must be full of them. I think two weeks is not much of a life expectancy for lights.

It's hard to maintain a pleasant disposition when the days are eight hours long. (Even Kramer is morose. He's hanging his head off the leather sofa like Snoopy off the dog house.) It seems like I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and it's gray and gloomy in between. Where are those bright December days? Things that help: red wine in crystal glasses, Vince Giraldi, A Christmas Story, dark beer, cheeseburgers with fried onions, Tony Soprano, the smell of bread baking. Jill and I have decided that blog posting is therapeutic, too. We aren't sure why. It's kind of like a writer's notebook we used to teach about...a random collection of thoughts on lots of different subjects. With the added benefit of instant publication!

Isn't food interesting? Regis and I have been talking about Campbell's chicken noodle soup, frozen pizza, and box mac and cheese. You'd never mistake them for real, homemade foods of the same genre, but they're good. Regis opened a can of soup for lunch the other day at work and he said a whole conversation ensued about chicken soup and memories of lunches back in the day, and what you might be served with noodle soup, and if you liked your crackers soggy or crisp. I was hungry for frozen pizza the other night. It's not even the same food but still something comforting about it.

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