Thursday, December 20, 2007


I slept more last night so I only cried once today. There's some improvement for you. We were invited to a soiree tonight but we opted to not attend. I couldn't bear the thought of dressing up and making nice with people from work. We had hot beef sandwiches and a cold beer for dinner and now we're watching Tony Soprano.

There's a house on the corner that I can see from where I sit on the couch. We drove by there the other night and Regis said it made his fillings squeal like he's bringing in Tokyo on a short wave radio. It's hideous. Then you come around the corner and see the tasteful lights on our railings. Yeah, that's a good one.

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Jill said...

I caught up with your blog entries at last. I think you look good with fur going in all directions, but it must cause a lot of itching and scratching. What the heck is causing your insomnia?

The 2004 letter is a good one. I like reliving your life year by year. Oh, and I remember the Andy Williams- Claudine Longet - Spyder Sabich incident, too. I loved Claudine when she was on Andy's Christmas specials, but I can see why she dumped him for Spyder. Andy had a short neck. Not the kind of thing a French girl would tolerate for long, do you think?