Friday, December 14, 2007

End of the week

Yesterday I was talking to friends at work, I said my life is too complicated. They asked a few questions: Is it kids? Is it home? Is it work? I thought about it on my way home and it's this: My fur isn't all going in the right direction. Nothing is all wrong but everything is a little bit wrong. It's the Martha Stewart fantasy again. Work is very busy and stressful, the house is a mess, lots of things are waiting to be finished for Christmas, I can't sleep at night. Don't worry. It will all get better with time and my fur will smooth out.

It has been very busy. We baked a couple times this week so I could get cookies in the mail to Peter. Last night we delivered cookies to the big boys and their families and I stayed up late (10:00) wrapping presents. the pile of shipping boxes and bags in the living room was getting on my nerves. The rest of my shopping I'm going to do in St. Peter so they'll wrap the stuff. One store even writes tags for you. Another one will mail things. Now that's service.

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Jill said...

I literally JUMPED when I saw the furry critter. EEEEEGAD!