Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eggnog and Krumkake

The plan for tonight is eggnog and krumkake, if I can last that long. I woke up at 3:30 this morning with the door to the closet of anxieties banging in the wind. What makes that weird shit go through your head in the middle of the night? Brain moles? The burrowing kind, I mean.

I had a busy and productive day for being a few brain cells short. I'll post an update later with a picture of he krumkake and the eggnog. After tonight, I'm done with fussy little cookies. It's on to fudge and giant molasses crinkles.

The krumkake were amazingly easy to make with an electric iron that I borrowed from a friend. She told me not to use the old-fashioned kind on my glass-top stove. Hers has a teflon top and made two at a time. Slick. We had one major egg disaster and a few mishaps. Regis dropped egg shells into the first batter, broke an egg in the carton, and then dropped an egg on the floor on his way to clean that up. I said, "Back away from the eggs!" I fried and he rolled and we ended up with about three dozen.

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