Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after

I woke up at 3 to sit on the love seat and watch the snow. We had about five inches of fluffy snow that fell straight down so every branch and chair and bird feeder has a thick layer of snow icing.

Kramer kept an eye on me from the front window. He had an attack of pancreatitis during the night. Regis thinks he knows it's Christmas and that he wants to enjoy Chex Mix and cookies and ham like we do. He doesn't know and he doesn't care but he will eat it if you give it to him. Yesterday he barfed Chex Mix in the living room. It was a hint.

It looks like a Christmas card outside. There's a wind chime hanging to the left of the flag. Can you see the snow piles on each bell?

The view down 4th Street. There's light fluffy snow on everything. No wind even yet and still the snow is falling.

In the garden, every cone flower and milkweed has a snow hat. We rarely get this much snow without wind to whip it around.

This is Peter with my niece's daughter, Evynne. She took quite a shine to him and called him "the helper". He was very helpful when we were there, too...jumping up to grab dirty dishes and fill coffee cups.

I was a complete load yesterday. I walked past boxes of wrapping paper that should have gone to the trash, I walked past pop cans and gift bags and plates of cookies, and I took two naps. The only constructive thing I did all day was to fry a pan of krubs and ham. It was a very relaxing day but today I better get back to the land of the living.

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Jill said...

Beautiful pictures, Teresa. We got home from Spring Valley early in the evening and the snow was sparkly and lovely. Nice to have Christmas white instead of brown for a change.

Okay, what are krubs??