Monday, November 12, 2007

White-washing the fence

Only if you've spoken to me today do you know the cryptic meaning of this blog entry title. This is probably another reason why I'm fortunate to be a lowly coordinator...or a person working in peonage or debt bondage otherwise known as indentured servitude. No resentment about my career lot in life. LOL.

Regis and I spent all day yesterday getting the home office ready for his new opportunity. He entered the Cone of Silence today so things are approaching a state of readiness. They made the other woman park in the back and enter through a different door which seems to be taking the whole idea a little far but what do I know.

I'm either too jaded or too tired to write anything worth reading tonight so I'll stop. Or maybe I'm worried about Larry's weapons of mass destruction otherwise known as the WMJ.

P.S. Check out This Goat's Life today. Belle's in Alcatraz.

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Jill said...

Speaking of words morphing (which you did in the WMJ entry on my blog), instead of "lowly coordinator" in your current entry, I read "lonely cowherder". Since I am one of the people you spoke with today, I guess maybe that's not as inaccurate an error as it might seem to the rest of the world.

I thought the Cone of Silence was some kind of joke. This is for real??