Thursday, November 15, 2007

Party Puffs Redux

I realize now that I left four eggs out of the puff recipe. I should have used 8 and only used 4. No wonder mine didn't pouf up as much as we expected. Also goes to show that cooking is a lot more forgiving than most people realize. What the hell. The customer service agents of Navitor won't mind a bit and probably won't even notice. If you make them, count the damn eggs.

I toyed with the idea of ordering a turkey dinner from the local grocery store. A woman who works there told me the flavor was good and in my estimation, the price was certainly right. Regis made a kind of squinchy face when I mentioned it. Guess he thinks my green bean casserole is superior to theirs. I've planted the seed so I'll just wait a few years and then do it. Maybe next year I'll make a tofurkey with Andouille sausage stuffing and roasted winter vegetables...then they'll be happy and relieved to see the Econofoods turkey.

We've been watching the Sopranos on DVD. It's a good story and more about the characters than it is about the mob. It's awfully violent, though, and leads you to believe that there is a mobster with a gun at every table in every coffee shop. I'm not sure I'll get close to New Jersey again. And what is it with the waste management? That seems to be a theme. Hey...what about the garbage guy who lives across the street from me?

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Jill said...

I couldn't get my comment to post yesterday and today I can't remember what it was. The party puffs sound fantastic. You are one ambitious cook to make what sound like very putzy appetizers.