Friday, November 23, 2007

Pajama Day

I've decided this is a pajama day. That means I don't get dressed until at least noon. Regis made tentative plans with young Regis to go to the new Lowe's in Mankato to buy flashlights at 5:00 this morning. He didn't set his alarm so I knew it was a weak desire but at 5:40, the phone rang. That was it for my sleeping. Of course, Mr. Flashlight is still in bed sawing logs.

Regis loves flashlights. Last night when we started talking about the flashlight caper, I did a quick scan of two rooms and found five flashlights:
  1. A waterproof flashlight
  2. A magnet-driven flashlight invented in 1890
  3. A blacklight flashlight
  4. An LED flashlight
  5. An 18-inch police flashlight
You get the picture.

Thanksgiving was a success and I'll post pictures later when I find the card reader. Reviews on the food were good except for the cream cheese appetizers which got 2 tablespoons of garlic salt by mistake. It's hard to pick that stuff out. The pumpkin truffles also did not fare well but they were competing with peanut butter pie. The gravy, made by Tiffany, was exceptionally good and therefore mostly gone.

We had a good time, too, aside from the food. The crowd: Bob and Emily, Ella, Tiffany, Reg and Amber. Kathy and Harvey, Teresa and Regis. Not enough room around the table but we all found places to eat and relax. After dinner we played a game of Apples to Apples which takes no concentration but makes you laugh. Harvey took a nap on the couch, Regis took a lot of pictures, Emily and Kathy did the dishes, Ella sang Clementine and blew kisses. We missed having Peter here but he had a nice day with Grandma in Canby.

A funny story about the lefse. I buy lefse at the coffee shop once in a while. This year, I ordered one package for 12 bucks. Then a friend of mine at work said her son was coming from Fargo and bringing lefse, did I want some. I ordered 2 packages for 6 bucks each. When I got my coffee shop lefse home, it was the same brand as the Fargo lefse: Freddy's. Apparently the mark-up is quite high once you leave Fargo. The mail order price is 3 packages for 38 bucks. Hey, we're eating gold!

There were stories in the paper today about people getting their friends and family together to make plans for shopping today. Apparently they drop off and pick up and have complex plans for who goes down which aisle to get what. Amber said last year she had to call Target security on an 80-year old lady who was whacking her with a purse because she'd just sold the last of something. Crowds of people line up outside the doors at 3:oo. In the morning. In the dark. When the doors open, they tear into the store with their children held over their heads so they don't get trampled. These people have different DNA than I do. I often wake up at 3 and putter around the house in my nightgown but the thought of going to Best Buy, a store I loathe on a good day, in the middle of the night to wait in a long line for a good deal on a CD player has never occurred to me. I'd rather have a root canal and a colonoscopy on the same day.

I don't know about the Best Buy in your town, but the one in Mankato is so loud you can hardly stand it. I avoid going there, but when I do and someone asks if they can help me, first I say, "What???" and then I say, "Yes, turn the music down." They always say they can't but I always ask because I think they can. What the hell. All that electronic stuff....they must have a volume knob somewhere. I suppose I am not their demographic so they don't care but they must be responsible for half the deafness in the county.

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Jill said...

A colonoscopy and a root canal not only on the same day, but done simultaneously would be an improvement over Best Buy. Or Scheel's.

Do you remember what Harpie's Bazaar was like the day after Christmas? Maybe you never put yourself at risk like I did a couple of times. Nothing like being in a crowd of well-heeled Mankato matrons looking for a bargain in a store filled with fancy knick-knacks.

Ella is more than adorable.