Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday night

It must have been a bad week in education judging by the crowd in the parking lot of MGM. I saw two teachers I know there and another one later who was on her way to the liquor store OUT OF TOWN. That's a teacher with some discretion right there. I sent her on her way and said to get home as soon as possible and try beer therapy for that foul mood.

I meant to clean the house tonight but there was little gumption for that. I managed to get to the store to buy a broasted chicken and some cole slaw, and to the liquor store for some Night Harvest cabernet. That was the extent of my ambition. And I'm pretty sure that was a balanced meal with the Reese's granola bars we had for dessert.

P.S. I just read this again (which I like to do...sometimes the next day to see if what I wrote was interesting which it mostly isn't but sometimes is) and remembered that Dad used to talk about when he first started teaching and it was verboten for teachers from the local district to drink or even to buy liquor in that town. So on Friday nights, the teachers would car pool to the next town, passing on the highway the teachers from the next town coming to their town to drink and buy liquor. Thank God we don't have to do that anymore. We can pull right into the MGM on the corner of Broadway and Minnesota Avenue in broad daylight and walk into the liquor store with the business manager of the district and the athletic director's secretary while the school bus trundles past and kids yell out the window and nobody cares.

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Jill said...

I'm glad you kept the name of the teacher in a foul mood anonymous. I'd be embarrassed if anyone found out that I tried your suggestion of beer therapy.

My dad used to drive from Spring Valley to Grand Meadow to get beer when he first started teaching, too. I remember going with him sometimes, and thinking the beer must be better or cheaper if it was bought out of town. Haha--I love the image of teachers from the little towns in the area waving to each other as they zoomed by each other going in opposite directions, trunks full of cases of Grain Belt or Miller High Life.