Thursday, September 13, 2007

That pizza guy just got out of prison

First I have to mention my paranoia about mentioning, in a disparaging way, the names of restaurants, people, bars, etc. in my blog. Now, I tell the story about the pizza place I visited to night in the town where most of you know I am. I was hungry for pizza so I looked this place up on the internet and it looked a little high-class in the pictures and they didn't serve wine...just tap beer...but I took a wander around the block looking for something else and there it was, not looking so high-class after all. I went in and my god it looks like something out of a 1960 mafia movie. Red lamps, dark beat up paneling, red oil cloth table covers. And I swear the guys cooking pizza are either on work release or just got out of the pen. The pizza was good but the antipasta relish plate was like something you would expect to be constructed by a Norwegian...or a couple guys just out of prison. Now back to the paranoia. Let's say this place is owned by the mafia. They have a guy who checks google every few days to see if anybody has said anything negative about his establishment. Boom. Up pops my blog. I'm not taking any chances.

This town is not that complicated, streets running mostly north and south and parallel to each other and being named 1st Street SW and such. So far, I got lost coming into town, I got lost in the skyway on my way to the conference, and I got lost walking home. I asked a fellow on the street if he knew where the Hilton was and he pointed right up at the side of the building we were standing about half a block from and there it was: Hilton Garden Inn. Whoops.

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Jill said...

I think my cousin Craig works there. He's worked at most of the shady places in the town of which you are speaking. Writing, rather. If that's the case, you have a reason for your paranoia.