Sunday, September 30, 2007


Ella spent the morning here. Emily said when she stopped in front of our house, Ella said, "Nana, blankie, hold." So you can see what my role is in her life! We went to Target and looked at Halloween stuff. I wanted to buy her a pumpkin candy was soft and happy looking but she didn't like it and said it was scary. We read a lot of books, went out for breakfast, and I took her home at noon for a nap.

I forgot this part. At some point in the morning, I said, "Oh, I see." Ella thought that was hilarious and she laughed and laughed. Threw her head back and belly-laughed. I would say it again, then she would repeat it...eyes wide open and very animated...sometimes with the emphasis on different words....Oh, I see. Ooooooh, I see. Such a hoot.

Regis and Reggie hung my pot rack today. It was a little frightening, I must say. There were already two extraneous holes in the ceiling in the general vicinity of where the stud should have been, when they headed up to the attic. All of a sudden there is a hole in the ceiling NOT EVEN CLOSE to where the kitchen is. What the hell???? This was making me very nervous, but I just went to bed and told Tiffany to call 911 if the ceiling fell. When I got up from my nap, it was all done and there were only the three extra holes. As you can see, now my pans look like shit and I think I need new pans. I guess that was easy to predict.

We had thunderstorms last night and I thought Bert had been reincarnated. Kramer was up on my pillow panting his hot doggy breath in my ear. There were a couple claps of thunder that almost threw us off the bed. More rain coming tonight so I think I'll close the window.

October 1st already tomorrow. How did that happen?

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