Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Thinking about spiders today. This morning, a spider had built a web over the kitchen sink drain. I started to run water before I saw he was trying to escape. I scooped him out with the only thing handy...a butter knife. I thought I had killed him but I let him lay behind the dish soap for a while because I could see he was trying to dry out his legs. I dabbed him a little with a dish towel but didn't want to squash him. By the time I went to work, he was right-side-up and moving a little. When I came home, he had moved on.

I hate killing spiders and usually don't. If there's a daddy-long-legs in the tub, I'll lay a towel over the edge so he can get out and they usually take advantage of the escape route. I have a pretty good colony in the basement and I allow them to live peacefully down there unless we're having company, then they have to relocate to the main compartment of the shop vac.

Tiffany lives in the basement now and the word must be out: Not friendly to spiders. She will not cohabitate with them. She gets out the shop vac for purposes other than temporary relocation, she sprays them with pesticides, and she kills them dead. Poor spiders.

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deb said...

It's a shame about the spiders and very touching that you are so careful with them. Mr. Butler met a 4 foot rattlesnake accidentally last night on our patio. He ran in the house and barricaded the doggie doors. I was amazed that he was so deranged about it until I looked at the spider! omigod. Both of us had scary dreams about snakes last night.