Saturday, September 08, 2007


I had such good intentions of getting up and doing some chores around the dishes that have been waiting for two days. But here I sit in my waddlesome slothfulness, not doing much of anything but listening to one neighbor's dog bark in that shrill way that makes me hope he gets eaten by a rattlesnake and watching the other one stumble out of the back forty acres to pack his car with salsa and head to the farmer's market.

Our old friend and letter carrier, Tom Hynes, retired from the post office this month. Yesterday was his last actual day of carrying mail so we met at the local watering hole to lift a glass to Tom. We're going to have another celebration next week and the final big and official retirement party on the 29th. He's the first in our group of friends to retire so we have to make a splash.

This is the weekend of the Rock Bend Folk Festival in St. Peter. We love to spend the whole weekend at the park in our lawn chairs. This year they have a great music line-up. Check it out. The weather should be great if that mass of rain in South Dakota doesn't move this far east.

Ok...I have procrastinated long enough. Time to get the butt off the chair and do something before I stiffen up and can't move.

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