Sunday, September 09, 2007

Peace dude

We told the kids, Bob, Reg, Amber, John, and Glen, to stop over and see us at the park yesterday. We thought they'd enjoy the Rock Bend festival. They left Ella with us for a while and walked around to peruse the booths and food stands. When they came back, Reg said, "You didn't tell me this was an old hippie convention!" So here we are, Regis and me in our tie-dye....peace dude. (Don't be fooled. This isn't really us...I would never curl my bangs like that and Regis would always wear pants in public.) True confession: Regis had a peace sign on his t-shirt and I was wearing tie-dye.

Old hippe convention or not, we had a good time. It's a tough venue if you really want to listen to music, though. There are way too many distractions: people moving around, talking, eating. I think you could have Lawrence Welk up there and nobody would know the difference. We never make it to the end especially when it's cold like it was yesterday.

Funny, we think 70 degrees is warm but when you sit outside all day in it, it chills you to the bone. We were home in bed by 9 and missed Rockin' Daddy and the Roughcuts with Mojo Buford.

You see every kind of dress at a thing like this. Being in the early stages of decrepitude, we were warmly clothed with long pants and sweat shirts and jackets. One guy who was probably buff and studly in his day came walking in with no shirt on... and here comes my opinion of that. Men over the age of about 25 really should not be seen anywhere but their own backyards and maybe a swimming pool without a shirt. This guy was very tan and had some muscle so he apparently takes so care of his appearance, but his man boobs, his belly, and that fat across his back has started to head south and get lumpy. It was not a pleasant sight. All of those body parts look so much better with a little polyester covering them.

We're going back to the park today but may not stay long if it's cold. Regis is doing laundry and I went to the grocery store so we feel like we've accomplished some things today. Our dog alarm (not Kramer who is a late sleeper) woke us up today but not until 7 which is a more humane hour than 5.

Gorgeous fall weather today!

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Jill said...

You're a little bit too emphaticto be believable about Regis ALWAYS wearing pants in public...