Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm seeing amoebas

When I was in college, my friend Mike hated Sunday night and called the ill feelings related to it the Sunday psychosis. He said he was seeing amoebas. That's how I feel tonight. I'm seeing amoebas.

We had a major demolition project here today trying to make room for the new refrigerator. It involved moving the old one out and exposing ten years of dirt and dog fur embedded in black oily smut. Ella sat on a stool watching me clean it up and kept saying, "Eeeeuuuw, gross, Nana." I told her not to tell anybody. She's so cute and generally easy to take care of, but you have to behind her every minute or she'll come carrying the garden shears or a big glass jar or some other evil thing that should not be in the hands of a baby. This after her lunch of potato chips and Oreos. Bad Nana.

We finally went into the living room and took the lid off the toy box. She spotted her books and said, "Tickle Tickle and Say Goodnight!" We read them every time she's here but I didn't think she'd remember the titles. Then she said, "Bumpity bumpity hold on tight" which is a line from Say Goodnight. I couldn't believe it. These were Tiffany and Peter's favorite books when they were that age so it's touching that she likes them, too.

We went out to the garden to fill the birdfeeders. She sat on the little bench with her blanket while I worked then we picked some herbs. I picked the springs of thyme Regis needed for the stew and she came in with a fistful of basil and a few red flowers.

A book to recommend: Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. It's the community read book for this fall and the author is coming to Gustavus the end of the month. The book is about Paul Farmer, a doctor who works in Haiti. It's also about how poverty and living conditions affect the health of people so you really can't try to cure diseases without trying to improve the lives of the people who have them. It was a very good book.

Well, here comes Monday.

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Jill said...

I love reading about Ella. She's adorable, of course, and obviously brilliant. I'm guessing that potato chips and cookies add to her intellectual capacity. Someday science will prove it.

Monday is over. See how fast that can happen?