Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day

Regis and I are the world's worst painters. We're too random for a job that requires some level of meticulousness. Last night, in preparation for the new refrigerator, we decided to paint the wall behind the appliances. I had yellow paint and I'm ashamed to say that is the main reason we chose yellow. It's a little garish but what the hell. Halfway through we had to go to Patrick's for a half-price patty melt, half-price draft beer, and a bowl of free Ruben soup in honor of...Halfway to St. Patrick's Day!

Today I went to the loveliest funeral service I have ever attended for the 93-year old mother of my friend Ann. Nola Fern Kelley. It was like a 40 minute poem...beautiful old hymns, Bible passages that sounded like they were written for Nola, and a eulogy that made you weep. It was a proper send-off for a lady who lived in Garden City for 90 years.

I'm trying to put the house back together after a month of busy weekends. It's like an archaeological dig. The bottom layer is wedding supplies...packages of paper plates, thank you notes, and a bag containing bug spray. Then there's a layer from Labor Day weekend and the big cook-out. Then a layer from Rock Bend. I would really like to know how tidy people do it.

Speaking of that. I'm taking a survey. How many people pull their refrigerator out and clean under there on a regular basis? Is that something most people know to do? Or is that something anal retentives know about and the rest of us somehow survive without doing...for ten years or so? Let me know...


Anonymous said...

My thoughts:
What happens under/behind the refrigerator stays under/behind the refrigerator.

Jill said...

It may just be a coincidence, but today I happened to come across a GustieGram (distributed via the Gustavus booth at the State Fair) I'd gotten from a former student who was, and is yet, a pirate maniac. Julie always sends a pirate joke along with her emails and GustieGrams. Here goes:

What kind of socks do pirates wear?

Arrrrrrrrrr-gyle, of course!