Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feels like fall out there

This morning when I left for work, I was comfortable in a dress and sandals. By about 10 o'clock the temp had fallen to 55 with a slight wind chill from the 25 mph breeze. Uff da. I had to close the window and put on a sweater. A week ago, it was 95 degrees. A little less abrupt change would be nice.

It's the middle of the third week of school and I finally have time to look around and see how messed up things have gotten at home. My system of doing chores once a week has gone completely to hell. There is crap everywhere and I can barely keep up with the dishes. Today we forgot to take the trash down so we have to try and squeeze another week's worth of garbage into the dumpster. Whine, whine, whine.

If you've been following the saga of Peter, he surprised us again last week by calling to say he would like to move to Canby to live with his grandma and go to the community college there. Long pause. My rebellious and mono-syllabic son wants to live with his grandma in a town of 2000 people that doesn't have a video store. He says he can't make a decent living at Subway and he thinks Grandma needs some company. (He doesn't know how often Grandma is gone!) He made so much sense and had been so thoughtful about the whole idea that I was nearly moved to tears. What a sweet boy.

Tiffany has found a job she enjoys for now, she's making some money in tips (fifty bucks some night) and she's looking for a car. Things are looking up for her, too. I'm not sure some days how she feels about it, but I love having her around. She's funny, sweet, and she likes my cooking.

Now if one of our kids would just marry a dentist so we could retire and live in their lower level, things would be great. Ha!

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Jill said...

How sweet of Peter to want to be around his grandma's house. I hope it can work out if your mom is willing to stick around home once in a while to talk to him! She's a busy woman!

Have you ever thought about what would motivate someone to give a tip to a teacher? I mean the money kind of tip.