Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wild turkeys and Elvis

I went to work early this morning in the rain. We haven't had rain for so long, I've had rain hallucinations during the night...I wake up and think I hear rain so I listen hard to decide what it is. It's always the AC or the dog or Regis snoring. Never rain. But this morning we had a great driving rain for more than an hour. I opened my window to listen to it and heard this weird barking dog. It kept barking, barking, barking. I finally stood up to see this anguished dog and it wasn't a dog at all but a wild turkey. I think there were babies in the woods she was calling because I heard little peeps, too. I worried that they would get wet, but what would I do, open the door and let them into the school?

Thirty years ago tomorrow Elvis died. I've never been an Elvis fan...not when he was alive and even less so since he's dead. I lived in Mt.Vernon, Iowa and Jane and I were going to go to Memphis for the funeral. Not because we cared a fig about Elvis, sorry to say, but because it was going to be a happening. When we found out there weren't any motel rooms we changed our minds. We didn't want to attend a happening bad enough to sleep in the car. Man, do you see those Elvis impersonators? Those dudes are really weird.

We watched the movie Bobby tonight. I really liked it, as much for the period details and the music as for the story which was compelling. They used archival film footage of Bobby Kennedy instead of having an actor portray him which was a nice touch. Amazing words at the end of the movie about poverty and racism and violence and very sad that things have changed so little.

For some reason the other night, I stumbled onto an entertainment quiz on MSNBC. I got 4 out of 10 right, and some of those were accidents. I have no idea, for example, who Posh and Beck are but I guessed that they are starting a clothing line. Who knew. When they reported my pitiful score, the editorial comment was, "What are you, some kind of caveman?" What the hell. I guess I've gotten behind since I quit reading People.

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