Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday and the rain keeps falling

We've had more rain, more sleepless nights because of thunder, more humidity. I'm starting to feel like moss is growing on my north side. Enough already. (If you look back, it wasn't very many posts ago that I was complaining off the desert-like atmosphere around here.)

I'm taking most of the next three days off for the young Regis' wedding on Saturday. It's not like there's that much for us to do but it's really stimulating with all that going on so it will be nice to have some time to relax in between events. Tiffany and Peter will both be here for the weekend so I had better stock the pantry.

I've decided that I have to stop reading about the news of the bridge collapse and the flooding in Southeastern Minnesota. I had a staff meeting at work today and I said it felt like we were coming back after the tornado. I like to read the stories about the people...the man who died trying to save his wife, the couple who rode the roof of their house 1,000 feet through the town of Minnesota City, the man whose mother had accepted he was gone even when they couldn't find his body. It's very sad and it kind of wears on you. We don't watch tv news anymore but I watched some of both events (bridge and flood) on the internet. It has the same effect.

Tiffany is doing fine. She delivered three more job applications in the last two days. She said today that applying for jobs is demoralizing and so she has decided to quit doing it because it makes her feel so bad. Then she laughed. She has a great sense of irony and a great sarcastic sense of humor. We went car shopping for her today which she quickly realized is like taking a blind person shopping for art. We drove furtively around several lots, dodging salesmen, then left. Eeeeuw. I hate shopping for cars.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you went car shopping! You were completely out of your comfort zone. I am very proud of you!