Friday, August 31, 2007

Ten Years

We're planning a little party to celebrate Regis' ten years as a Minnesotan. I think I wrote about that not too long ago. He requested appetizers on the grill and so far the menu is:
Pizza bread on grill
Shish kabobs: shrimp, chicken, & steak
Sausage stuffed mushrooms
Cheese stuffed mushrooms
Crab cakes and mango salsa
Grilled dessert pizza with pears
Basil gimlets
Hamms beer (what else for a Minnesota party?)

It probably seems like a lot but I had help with the menu and everyone has favorites. The basil gimlets are because I have huge shrubs of basil and I'm not fond of pesto. It looks like pond scum to me.

Tiffany and I are going to the grocery store for the party provisions and for regular food which I tend to forget about as school starts. Like I forget about opening mail, taking out the trash, and doing dishes. I need somebody to take care of me the first week of school. If Regis slept more than three hours a night he could do it, but not this way. I'm going to have to whack him in the head with Maxwell's silver hammer if he doesn't start sleeping more.

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