Saturday, August 04, 2007

Rainy Saturday

I've been under the weather with a malady that will remain nameless. I'll just say that it's involved days of discomfort, a visit to the doctor, then the ER this morning, morphine, Tylenol with codeine, and some other unpleasant elements. It appears to be coming to an end.

I came home from the ER this morning and slept until 2:00 this afternoon. Best sleep that I've had for days but it's made the rest of the day seem odd and out of time.

Tiffany has been delightful the last few days. She started reading Harry Potter, got hooked right away, and has finished the first two already. She started book #3 and went to Mankato to buy #4 tonight. I've never seen her so excited about a book.

We made the trip to the Alltel store yesterday to get new phones. Peter's battery was broken, Tiffany didn't have a phone, and I needed a replacement phone. The wait was two hours. What???? We put our name on a list and left for a while. The man who eventually helped us through the maze of plans and minutes and features was very nice and didn't talk as fast as some of them do so I actually understood what he was saying.

Buying a phone is another experience. You can hardly get a phone that doesn't take pictures and movies, connect to the internet, and have slots for memory cards. I don't get it but my kids sure do. They were so excited about the features. I did my old rant about when I was a kid we had one phone in the kitchen with a three-foot cord and my dad would walk through and say, "Get off the phone!"

So here's my phone which took me ten seconds to choose. I'm sure it does stuff I'll never discover much less use.


Jill said...

The last line of your first paragraph gives it all away!

Anonymous said...


Try this...

Scroll down until you see Sven's name after one of the blog headlines.
Did you know he has a pet goat??

Happy reading,

Teresa Saum said...

Ha! I was going to write something about no pun intended after that sentence, but decided it would give it away, as I guess I have. Ah well. All's well that ends well. I feel back to almost normal today and Regis says that's as good as it gets.
Annie, thanks for the tip on the goat. I love goats. And nice thighs!