Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Paul's Garden Grill

Regis was mowing the grass and I was trimming the tomato plants that ate Chicago when he stopped and asked me what I wanted to do for dinner. I said I wanted to hang around Paul's grill. So we wandered over for a beer and some fresh salsa. Paul makes several olive and garlic, habanero and peach, but roasted corn and tomato is our favorite. (He sells it at the farmer's market on Tuesday and Saturday.) Mike was there talking smart about his former parish Catholic priest from Colorado who was recently caught jogging naked and that added a light touch to the evening. I think this topic came up because of the senator who was arrested for tapping his foot in the airport bathroom stall, apparently a universal sign for sex. Eeeeuuuww.) Then Paul served us homemade brats with dried tomatoes and peppers and some wonderful mustard. We finished the meal with a tiny glass of Dickel whiskey. Where can you go to get a meal like that? I was dressed in the hideous clothes I wear to pull weeds and hadn't even washed my hands but we pulled chairs up around the cabana and had a great meal.

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