Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh, Betty

Betty said she walked to the clinic today so she left her keys at home in the refrigerator in the garage, under the buns. She was afraid she would forget where she'd left them by the time she got home so she spelled out b-u-n-s in small stones on the asphalt outside the garage door. She explained all this to the doctor who thought it was a fine idea. When she got home, the b-u-n-s reminded her where the keys were. We laughed and laughed.

For anybody reading this who shops at the Food Coop in St. Peter, here's a food tip. We tried the Prairie Pride wieners with wild rice, cheddar, and jalapenos tonight. They were delicious. Just delicious. Free-range wieners, too.


Anonymous said...

Teresa, just what in the hell is a "free-range weiner"? Are there weiner round-ups? Are there cooped-up weiners anywhere in feeding lots? Do weiners get herded up into the mountain meadows in the spring and then down into the valleys in fall so they don't get their little weiners frozen off? What gives??

Anonymous said...

You kind of have the picture. The wieners can't be penned for more than 8 hours a day, they must have access to the yard for exercise, and they must have a window from which they can view the mountain meadows. I don't know about freezing their wieners off, but that is probably something the PETA folks would like to consider. We're all about humane treatment of wieners.