Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New post, blah blah blah

I feel about as gray as the weather. I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I have no trouble going to sleep but I wake up at 1 and can't sleep again until it's almost time to get up. At least that's how it seems. I took tylenol pm last night and slept like the dead. Oh, it felt good. I wonder if it's better to take that every night or to get something from the doctor. I can't go too many nights with that crappy sleep...I start to feel like I've been slipped a mickey.

I don't think it rained much today if at all but it's sure wet outside. The neighbors have a big fairy ring of toadstools in their yard. They used to believe they appeared when fairies danced at night. I like that story. There is some other stuff about fungi but that doesn't make as good a story.

I filled all the birdfeeders today as the birds don't seem to have much to do but hang at the feeders and eat. There's a big fat squirrel who has learned to leap into the platform feeder. I'm sure one day it will all just crash to the ground. He's a lardish oaf and the feeder just hangs on a shepherd's hook. It will be a fast ride to the ground for him.

I'm reading a book called What the Stones Remember. It's a memoir by a man who was addicted to alcohol and cocaine for 40 years but managed to write 25 books of poetry and build a beautiful garden. (When I have two glasses of wine I can hardly get the dishes done.) It's really a beautiful book about not only his life and his addiction, but about his garden. His notes about the plants and animals that live there are lovely. I read it once for the story and I'm reading it this time to notice the writing. I haven't found anything very satisfying to read this summer except for this book and Out Stealing Horses. I quit reading more books in the middle than usual. Meanwhile, Tiffany has plowed through all the Harry Potter books since she came home and is within spitting distance of the end of Book 7. I admire her zeal and wish I had a taste for that but I don't. I loved Wicked but I just can't get excited about wizards and flying brooms. The rhinoceros librarian and the green witch in Wicked seemed more real.

I'm still debating about whether I should see Superbad or not. Peter gave it a rave review but I'm not sure we have similar taste in movies. Roger Ebert said it was raunchy but hilarious and it's getting great reviews even from adults. I might have to see it.

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Anonymous said...

You are supposed to stand in the middle of the fairy ring and make a wish. Maybe you should wish for more sleep.