Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Floyd and Myrtle!

Ironically, we have other friends celebrating an anniversary today. Not Stephen Hawking either, Larry! They must have borrowed those little tissue paper bells from Jill and Larry.

The next picture is Jill and Larry's wedding photo taken 37 years ago. Deb used Photoshop to paste their faces onto the picture of Floyd and Myrtle. I thought I better confess before I was accused of journalistic malfeasance and my reputation was maligned by all the major media. Oh the shame. The lesson is this: Be careful what you believe because it's easy to lie on the internet.

I took three huge bags of clothes down the curb today. The Epileptic Foundation comes around a few times a year and collects them. Great way to get rid of stuff since you don't even have to drive it to the Thrift store yourself. Tiffany couldn't remember the name of the group and called it "the decapitated people". That's almost as funny as the time she thought Cambria was in Kasota and made counter tops out of cheese. (She combined Davisco, Unimin, and Cambria into one company...) I had to pull over and stop the car on that one. Maybe the girl should get a career in stand-up comedy.

Same weather here today and it sure promotes lethargy. The temperature is in the 90's and the humidity is high. Too hot to do anything indoors or out. The county fair starts this week so I'm sure we'll wander down there for a good time. I like the animal barns and that's about it. I'll have Regis take pictures.

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Anonymous said...

How about making a Photoshop picture of me with that hunkie bodaceous Larry? Whew, he's HOT!