Saturday, August 25, 2007

Get-Acquainted Party August 24th

We had a party last night for Regis and Amber, their out-of-town guests, and the wedding party. After a week of rain, we were lucky to have sunny skies yesterday. I was insane, of course, and cranky because people weren't doing what I wanted them to as fast as I thought they should, but it all worked out in the end. The food was good, the evening was beautiful, and we had a good time. This picture is of Amber and her mom, Peggy, her cousin Corrissa, and her brother's girlfriend Katie. Peggy's a hoot and kept us entertained with her version of "Deawy bewoved..." from The Princess Bride.

Kathy and Harvey offered their patio and garage for the party. We hung party lights and balloons,
had candles and was festive! Our favorite local establishment, Patrick's, catered herb roasted chicken and au gratin potatoes.

The groom and his father, Regis times two, share a cigar and some smart talk.

Bob, the technical wizard of the family, is streaming the wedding, so if you check this website ( at 4:00, you'll be able to see all the fun. I don't know what streaming means but somehow, a live video ends up on the internet. Cool.

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