Friday, August 17, 2007


I've griped about the weather so much this summer that I suppose I should say when the weather is acceptable. It's gorgeous today...77 degrees, arid, calm, sunny. Can't beat that. We're going to cook on the grill again tonight. Nothing fancy, just chicken wings, wild rice brats, with mushrooms and new onions. I bought a loaf of herb foccacia bread that we like buttered and grilled, too.

Tiffany's going to Minneapolis tonight to celebrate her friend Teresa's 23rd birthday. Here they are going to one of the proms. I cropped the boys out because they're ancient history. They have plans to go to clubs to dance and to a few that Tiffany said she'd rather set fire to than walk into. Ha. Funny girl. She met someone last night who asked her if she'd like to be a manager at Hollister in the mall. She gave the girl her phone number. Oh, it's a very funny story but I think you had to be there to hear it. It's too long to write but in the end she said no thanks.

All the kids are coming over for dinner Sunday. We're making big steaks on the grill, scalloped potatoes, sweet corn, green beans with bacon, and apple pie for dessert. The pie was Peter's request. We have a couple off-spring who like their steak well-done and then they put ketchup on it which I think is an affront to a decent piece of meat. Maybe I'll get a couple pieces of cheap sirloin and they can put ketchup on that. I'd like to re-enact the spoon-on-the-nose picture after dinner. I think I'll have Regis set up the tripod so we can all be in it. Oh boy, something to look forward to.

Regis has been in Minnesota ten years. Hard to believe. Tiffany said she can't believe it's been that long in some ways and in other ways it seems like he's always been here. We're going to have a little celebration during Labor Day weekend to commemorate his arrival. He's a good Minnesotan now and has even learned to end his sentences with the word then, as in, "I'm going downtown to buy some beer then." This picture was taken about that time. Both of us had hair of a color other than white. We're with Deb and Larry at a place called Nikki's in Minneapolis. Time flies.


Jill said...

Did you have a perm when we went to Spokane? I don't remember anybody's hair from that trip, except Gayle Anderson's. Oh, and the Shakespeare lady. I get a pain in a special place when I think of that woman (the Shakespeare lady, not Gayle). I remember you made a cool necklace at a bead store, and I think we both bought the cute little Budda's holding a latte in one hand and a cell phone in the other. I keep Budda boy in my office for good luck. So far, it hasn't brought me any, but it could still happen.

Back to Regis.Did he move to MN to comfort you over the loss of Princess Di?

Jill said...

Oh frick, "Buddas" doesn't need an apostrophe. I guess I have some extras stored up from last year. Here, you can have some... ' ' ' ' '