Friday, August 31, 2007

Foam Soap

Regis took a liking to foam hand soap a couple months ago so I started buying it but discovered that it wasn't cheap, you had to buy it in small containers rather than refillable giant ones, and it didn't last long. He monkeyed around trying to fill the foam soap bottle with regular soap thinking that the little place at the top of the squirter is what made the foam. Maybe. But that didn't work so he goggled it, and lo and behold, he found the recipe! Fill your foam soap container about 3/4 full of water then fill the rest with hand soap. Voila. Foam hand soap at a much lower cost and without the bottles constantly going into the landfills.

Tiffany and I made the first grocery run with our new eco friendly shopping bag system today. Now we have about five big canvas shopping bags, a bunch of small produce bags, and three nice string bags. We don't have to come home from the store with eighty-five plastic bags. Some of those kids that bag groceries put one thing in each bag so they really accumulate fast. This is much nicer...fewer trips to the house with groceries and fewer bags under the sink. It helps to have a cute young girl with you at the grocery store...pretty soon we had three young men bagging our groceries.

Foam soap recipes and shopping bag systems. We're starting to sound like a couple of old kooks. I know.


deb said...

Ha ha....I thought those were YOUR groceries! Very nice "system".

I'm passing your recipe for foam soap to Phil and Don because they like that soap, too.

deb said...

Did Regis really goggle the soap or did he google it? :)