Sunday, August 19, 2007

Butter, mugs, and jugs

Yesterday Peter and I went to the HyVee in Mankato. There was a man giving out samples of butter from the Hope Creamery in Hope, MN. My God, if you think you've tasted butter, you have to try this. Being quite a connoisseur of butter, I feel qualified to say this is the best butter I have ever tasted. And don't waste it on people who can't tell the difference between butter and margerine, or God forbid, those fake butters.

Regis joined his sons and some of their friends for young Regis' bachelor party yesterday. They started out with a tour of the Schell's Brewery in New Ulm, then to Bloomington for go-kart races, then to Hooter's for dinner. They dropped Regis off at home about ten and the younger Fritsch men went on to Mankato for more frivolity.
John (on the left) got the short bus for nothing and just had to make it street legal. He moved the strobe light from the top to the inside and got an extremely loud muffler. You can hear it coming long before you see it.

The two Regis (what's the plural of THAT?) share a beer in honor the impending nuptials.

These young ladies were eager to have their photos taken with the young men, baring all their endowments. Uff da.


Jill said...

I was ready to leave a comment about the two Regises/Regii/Regkowskis, but I can't now because of the Hooter's babe. It completely threw me to see the two Regis and their mugs followed by one Regis with some jugs.

Did I write that?

Jill said...

New topic: Butter

Does HyVee sell the Hope Creamery butter, or was it a HyVee sham to draw in butter connoisseurs?