Wednesday, August 01, 2007


That's a fear of atomic bombs. What the hell. That hardly seems like it should be considered a seems like a fear most reasonable people would have. Like the woman I knew once who said she was allergic to carbon monoxide.

I'm out of fresh and original ideas lately, hence the phobia entries.

Tomorrow is the last day of the four-day conference. I think I am all out of enthusiastic responses to new school reforms. I'm tired of cold meat sandwiches and bad coffee. And today I got a parking ticket because it was so damn hot I wasn't going to walk too far. The Vikings are practicing at MSU so you can get plenty of parking places for three bucks. In retrospect, that would have been cheaper but I hate to feed the NFL coffers.

Tiffany was happy today...even went out for dinner with us and laughed and teased and had a good time. She said she had lunch with a friend and told her she thought she'd come home and be nice to her mom. She sure can create a whole bunch of tension when she isn't feeling that way. I knew every day wouldn't be easy, but...

We're watching the movie Michael. It's my kind of violence, no subtitles, no deep meaning with a bunch of weird metaphors.

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