Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What am I doing here with all these old people?

Regis and I went to the AARP Safe Driving class last night. The instructor said our group, those taking the 8-hour class for the first time, are the youngest of her students. Great comfort in that. It was interesting and worthwhile especially if you consider accident statistics as people age.

We've had such beautiful cool weather the last day or so. I went to the garden center yesterday and bought a bunch of shade annuals for a buck each. They're a little leggy but by frost they should be just fine. I also bought some of the new colors of coneflowers.

This one is part of the Big Sky series and is called Summer Sky. I love coneflowers because they're pretty much mainenance free. They don't need water, dead heading, bug treatment, staking or anything. Check here to see more colors.

The next one is called Tiki Torch but it won't be available until next spring.

I watered a few things in the garden yesterday morning and my hosta looked great. When I came back from my trip to Mankato, one was eaten off at the ground. I cussed the rabbit for a minute then realized he might be thirsty so I put a pan of water by the tree.

I told Regis I want him to come out with a pad of paper and a pencil one day when I'm in the garden so he can take notes on what I want to move and separate in the fall. He wasn't sure he wanted that job. It's been a year of change in my garden. I've thinned out some things that were starting to take over and I've added a few new things. I'll take pictures this afternoon and post them. The coneflower bed is really pretty.

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Anonymous said...

The coneflowers are beautiful. I want some!
Do they prefer sun or shade? I'm guessing shade based on the first part of your blog posting...but am hoping you'll say they are sun lovers. We ain't got much shade in our part of O-town.