Monday, July 02, 2007


Regis brought a coffee cup home from work today. It had some blue printing on the side and a little white sticker on the bottom. When I put on my glasses, this is what I read:

Well, what the hell. We don't expect to be licking the side of the mug. Maybe they should have this sign somewhere so the people who paint the words on will see it. Does this mean it's only known to the State of California? Or is it known in other states and they don't care? If you get cancer from this mug does the State of California take responsiblity...since they knew?

And one more thought about this. What is "other reproductive harm"? I guess I wouldn't be holding this mug in your lap on your way to work, men. Bad mojo for your gonads.

The mug was advertising a website called WhereWords. Check out this brand name quiz:

Today I watched Ella in the afternoon which was very pleasant. She talks non-stop now, some of it understandable and some of it not. We went to visit Jill and Larry and saw pictures of their new grand-baby Hannah Rachel. Ella decided since she saw Larry holding a baby that he must be Larry Poppop, which is what she calls her grandpa. She liked the sound of it and repeated it many times even after we went home. Larry Poppop over and over. We went to Ruttles for dinner and she loved the Iowa pork tenderloin that we shared. Good taste in meat, that baby.

It was a warm day but with a nice breeze. About 5:00 the wind went down and left us with this stifling putridly stagnant dead air. There isn't a leaf moving and the sky looks faintly green. I might have to find refuge in the basement tonight. I don't like storms that sneak up on me.

I've asked around and those fireworks tents only sell smoke bombs (snakes?) and things called fountains. Nothing that explodes. Seems like a waste of tent space to me but I don't like the exploding things anyway so I don't care. I'm just relieved there won't be a conflagration in the parking lot of Nelson Printing as I go in to buy Post-It notes and paper clips.

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