Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dog days of summer

We still have that miserable putrid air. The dew point is still in the mid-seventies, it's cloudy, and there isn't a breath of a breeze. It's ugly.

We went to Famous Dave's for dinner with Betty and Tom. They brought us beer in plastic cups and their was nearly a revolution. The waitress said they had been too busy to wash the glasses which is obviously a lame excuse. We made a small fuss and she brought us real glasses. Gads...we're classy folks. Do we look like plastic-glass beer drinkers to you?

We came home to find four orioles eating the grape jelly from the feeder that I've had out all summer. The looked like big as adults but with yellow plumage. There were two eating and two waiting on nearby flower stems. Maybe they got booted out of the feeder next door where the grown-ups eat.

Peter got his splint off and a new cast on today at the OFC. He was mildly distressed that the cast went all the way to the end of his thumb so he can't play video games for at least a month but he likes his doctor and says he'll follow directions. He goes back in a month to have this cast removed and x-rays, then likely another cast. I don't go into the appointment with him but he tells me that the screw and bone graft were put in the scaphoid bone. Who knew there were so many bones in the wrist.
Peter had an old BMX bike in the garage that we decided to let go. I put it on the curb two days ago without a FREE sign. It was still there today so I put a sign on it and it disappeared while we went to dinner. It's a nice thing that people waited until they were sure it was free instead of taking it. It's a rotten world with great peaches.

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