Monday, July 16, 2007


I don't like to make personal health complaints in a semi-public forum like this but I have some insidious allergy thing that makes my head hurt, my post-nasal drip and my head feel like a helium balloon. I took some kind of allergy pill but I think I felt worse.

I had to take my VW in today so we could get another remote key. You have to have a 30-minute appointment so they can program your key. Imagine that. I had to make several trips back and forth between the parts department and the service department where it was a hundred degrees and smelled like motor oil (not their fault, I know). The service guy sent me to get the parts. The parts woman wouldn't let me have them and said the technician should come and get them. The service guy was not very happy about that and marched off to find the parts woman. Oh, the other symptom of my allergy issue is crankiness. Pretty soon we were all cranky.

I had lunch with Peter who seems to be recovering from his wrist surgery. I think he's watched enough movies in the last five days to satisfy him for a while. He said the splint immobilizes his thumb and makes it difficult to open bags of snack foods, too. I'm sure. Check out the Opus cartoon in yesterday's paper. Very true. Most days I'd post it here but today I'm afraid of the copyright police so I won't.

I had to read the Sparknotes online to figure out that Manderley burned at the end of Rebecca. I suppose I could be considered an embarrassment as an English major. I really wish authors wouldn't work so hard to hide their meaning. Couldn't one of those characters just said, "Oh look at the flames in the distance. Manderley is on fire." It would not have diminished my enjoyment one iota.

Regis is trying to program our weather radio. As it is, we get warnings and watches for southern Oklahoma but nothing remotely near southern Minnesota. Good thing I'm not quite so scared of severe weather anymore. You need a manual, the internet, and a couple of hours to take care of this programming thing but we like having a weather radio.

I guess I've griped enough for one day.

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