Sunday, July 22, 2007

Later Sunday

It's very humid out tonight but if you sit in the shade and don't move, it's tolerable. A tall gin and tonic helps. too.
Regis and I went to Mankato this afternoon and bought a platform feeder for the cardinal who keeps visiting our yard. I bought a nice cardinal mix of seed and installed the feeder as soon as we got home. He was there in about an hour...picking out the peanuts and carrying them over to the neighbor's sprinkler to eat them. I also buried two more dead birds. I don't remember ever seeing dead birds in the yard before. I wonder if there is an epidemic or if I just missed them in the past. I don't like to dump them in the trash but I don't really give them a funeral either. I just bury them on the side of the garage.

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Anonymous said...

Stop feeding gin and tonics to the birds and they'll live longer!