Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hot time; summer in the city

I'm committed to a workshop for four days this week. The speakers have been very good but I don't really like to be out of my element. This is only in Mankato and it's at MSU where I've taken classes for 37 years (OH MY GOD) so I should be fine, but...maybe I have some of that allodoxaphobia. That's fear of opinions. Here's the list of phobias. They're hilarious. Bufonophobia is fear of toads and bloshephobia is fear of Bolsheviks.

The adjustment for Tiffany has been up and down. She's settled into the room in the basement but seems to be angry at me for this and that and what I made for dinner. Sigh.

I made a half-assed chicken enchilada casserole for dinner. Actually I made it at the Kitchen last winter and dropped it into the crock pot this morning. We like those tortilla to cook up nice and soft. We had some left-over chicken legs and potatoes. It was pretty pitiful. (I guess in the interest of truth in advertising, I should take pictures of some of the ghastly meals I make.) I think tomorrow we'll go to Dino's in North Mankato. I've made several meals in a row now and I can feel the run coming to an end.


Jill said...


Do you remember Johnny Carson's fear of backing into doorknobs? I know it was for comedic purposes, and it still makes me laugh whenever I think about it.

Your casserole reminds me that I haven't thought about The Kitchen for a while. I need to get some food in the freezer so when September rolls around we can have something besides canned soup once in a while. We should talk about going there, or to some other place.I'll check out the menus and see what's cookin', so to speak.


deb said...

I have a whole calendar of phobias. Did you know there is even a fear of fear? Yesterday's word was for a fear of decaying matter. Nice.

Teresa Saum said...

I wonder if there are really people who have those fears or if they made them up because the words are funny. Who would be afraid of Bolsheviks?

Anonymous said...

Well- maybe me- I seem to have developed all kinds of fears as I grow older. I am not sure that Bolsheviks are to be trusted :)

Teresa Saum said...

I'll keep an eye out for them, Joanne, and will let you know if any are in the area. How would a guy recognize a Bolshevik anyway? A tall furry hat and a handlebar moustache?