Friday, July 20, 2007


The air finally cleared yesterday and the past two days have been wonderful. I worked in my garden this afternoon although it just made me realize I'm not very happy with it this summer. I've gotten rid of lots of things that were taking over but that left big bare spots. We're also gaining more and more shade every year so some of the poor things that crave sun stretch their little necks out from under the trees for some of the rays. This fall, I'm going to do some major moving...hostas to the shade under the redbud, hyssop and liatris out from under the tree and into the sun. Some of the plants I started with are getting crowded and need more room and we might plant some ornamental grasses on the other side of the front walk, forsaking even more of the ugly lawn. Regis said he'd help me install some paver paths, too.

We sat in the yard for a while which was very pleasant, then came in to watch Pan's Labyrinth. I've watched about three minutes of it and I hate it already. It's too much for me...subtitles, fascists, violence, and fantasy. What is there to recommend this movie? I'll be sitting here with barely one eye on it while Regis reads the subtitles. I'd rather be reading A Walk in the Woods...a book that even the second time through makes me get out of bed to laugh.

We bought a pizza at Godfather's tonight, something we haven't done for ages. Nothing like a pizza in a box. I just wish we had a more entertaining movie.

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